Exchange and Return Policy

At Crocs we strive to make online shopping a smooth and hassle-free experience.

We understand that buying online can be tricky without having seen the actual product or trying it on. With that in mind, we happily accept returns and exchanges based on a few T&C's listed below:


We are happy to return a product that is the incorrect size or you have changed your mind within 30-days or purchase.

How Can I return a product purchased on


You have the choice to return your purchase to any Crocs Concept Store Within South Africa

Click here for all Store Locations

OR you can follow our easy steps below:

Email our Customer Care team OR Call us on 0872376845

Download or request a copy of our Return & Exchange Form which will need to be completed and Included in your return bag.


Customer Care Teams will arrange for the product to be collected by Courier

Place Product together with original swing tickets along with your completed returns document and original invoice in the bag which will be provided by our Courier.


Will I be billed for a return or an exchange?


1.      For online exchanges, the first return/upliftment is on us. We will send off the replacement item and arrange the collection of the item being returned at our expense.


2.      You will be billed the difference in purchase price if the item you wish to be sent is of a higher value that the item you are returning. You would not be liable for shipping costs as your first exchange is on us


3.      Our Customer Care Team will email you the difference due, together with the banking details you will need to make payment for the difference.


4.      Once payment reflects in this account, our Customer Care teams will arrange for your replacement to be delivered


5.      Should you not be happy with the first exchange/upliftment, the second exchange will bear a shipping cost of R70 which will need to be paid before goods are collected or sent.


6.      You will be billed an amount of R70 for delivery if you would like a product originally purchased in one of our Concept Store


How can I return a product purchased at a Crocs Store?


1.      Return your product to a Crocs Concept Store within South Africa, if purchased from any one of our stores.

2.      If you purchased your Crocs from Crocs stockist, we will gladly assist you with an exchange. But unfortunately, you will have to pay the delivery cost of R70 per return

We will not pass credits for any products purchased through one of our Crocs stockists

How are refunds processed?


1.       Customers are entitled to return their purchase together with their original receipt for a full refund within 30-days of purchase.


2.       Products returned without the original receipt or after the 30-day period may only be exchanged.


3.       Online refunds can take up to 5 working days after your purchase has been received, however we are committed to process returns and refunds as quickly as possible.


4.       If you purchased your Crocs in one of our stores, and are returning these via our online the purchase price will be refunded to you via EFT.  Our Customer Care Teams will contact you for your banking details so we can arrange for payment.


5.       If you purchased your Crocs at one of our stores, and would like to return for a credit, you will be refunded for your purchase via the same method you made your purchase. 


For example, if you used your credit card we will refund your credit card

Cash purchases will be refunded in cash.


6.      If the product was purchased on a CROCS VOUCHER, the purchase price is refunded on a new voucher for use at a later date. No cash will be refunded for a product purchased with a voucher. This is only applicable on in-store purchases and not online


Exchange process?


1.     Unfortunately, we cannot refund purchases without the original receipt being produced. We will, however, happily exchange the item or items at the current value on our system.


2.     Exchanges may be made for an alternative item of the same value or for an alternative model of lower or higher value, in which case an additional payment of the difference in price is to be paid in by the Customer or refunded by us.


Faulty or defective product?


We do our best to ensure that the products we deliver are of high quality and without defects. A defect is a material imperfection in the manufacture.....The following will not be regarded as defects:


Faults resulting from normal wear and tear

Damage arising from negligence, user abuse or incorrect usage of the product

Where specs of the product, although accurately described on the website and generally fit for its intended use do not suit you


You can either return your product to any Crocs Concept Store within SA or by contacting our Customer Care team on or you can call us on 0872376845

We will evaluate the item or items purchased and if they are found to be defective, we will replace them as quickly as we can or we will refund you according to the following T&C’s:

-         Warranty for Crocs applies to defects in material for a period of 6 months from the date of purchase. With an original receipt you are entitled to a refund or an exchange. Without the original receipt we will happily exchange for a product of the same value. Should the Customer select an alternative model of lower or higher value, an additional payment of the difference in price is to be paid in by the Customer or refunded by us.


-         Replacement products which become defective within 3 months can be returned for a refund or exchanged, providing the original receipt is supplied


-         Defective items returned without the original receipt, will be replaced at the current price on the system.

-         Credits and refunds are normally handled within 8 days of logging the return (bear in mind that refunds can take 1-4 working days to reflect in your account). Replacements could take longer, depending on the replacement availability.


Which items cannot be exchanged or refunded?


-          Items marked as “SALE” may not be refunded, but we will happily exchange the product at the sale price paid only

-          Items purchased at or through another Supplier (Crocs product should be returned to the original Supplier from which the item was purchased)

-          Product without original price tags attached

-          Product that has been altered, washed, or not been worn for its intended use


How do I return an item I received as a gift?


1.       You can either return your product to any Crocs Concept Store within South Africa or by contacting our Customer Care team  or on 0872376845


2.       Items may be exchanged for goods of the same value, provided the product is:

-          Undamaged

-          Unworn

-          Original price tags attached

-          Was purchased at a Crocs Concept store or on online

-          The original Gift receipt or purchase receipt must be presented



More simply put: If you don’t like it, return it. If it’s the wrong size/colour, return it. If it is defective, return it.

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